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Seminar in the Region

ANRAP is also conducting Regional Seminars in the regional countries (like 1st Indian National Seminar, 1st Nepalese National Seminar) periodically. Such types of 3 Regional seminars were held in India, 1 was in Nepal and 1 mini symposium was held in Bangkok, Thailand which is presented in the following table.

Scientific Meetings/ Seminars of ANRAP conducted during 1994-2019 (Regional)

Seminars Where When   Number of participants   attended
2 days Workshop KualaLumpur, Malaysia 11-12 January, 2005 110
1st Indian National Seminar Assam, India 05-06 November, 2007 350
1st Nepalese National Seminar Kathmandu, Nepal 06-07 June, 2009 300
2nd Indian National Seminar Assam, India 08-09 April, 2011 300
ANRAP Mini Symposium Bangkok, Thailand 5-8 September 2011 50
3rdIndian National Seminar Kolkata, India 14-16 September 2012 300
4th Indian National Seminar Assam, India 10-13 March, 2015 200
1st Sri Lankan Regional Seminar Kandy, Sri Lanka 17-19 January, 2018 80