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Article. Name, Status and Legal Domicile

1.1 Name: The scientific organization working under this Constitution shall be known as the Asian Network of Research on Antidiabetic Plants, hereinafter referred to as ANRAP

1.2 Status: ANRAP shall be a non-political, non-profit making body devoted to scientific study of plant materials for antidiabetic activity with -the aim of developing useful products for the treatment of diabetes.

1.3 Legal Domicile: The legal domicile of ANRAP is in Dhaka (BANGLADESH). The network is organized and run under and subject to Bangladesh law.

Article 2. Overall Objectives

  • Compilation of information on antidiabetic plants and herbal medicines reported in scientific literature and including those from producers, traditional healers, formal practitioners and users.
  • Conduct research on the chemical constituents and biological activities to assess the safety, efficacy and standardization of antidiabetic plants and herbal medicines used by millions of people across the world, and bring them within acceptable limits.
  • Isolation, characterization and testing of biological activity of pure compounds or fractions.
  • Optimize, coordinate and utilize the facilities existing in various laboratories for the purpose of fruitful research on antidiabetic plant materials and herbal  medicine used for the management of diabetes and other non-communicable diseases prevalent in the region.

Specific objectives of ANRAP

  • Training of young scientists and Fellows including PhD students in the field of antidiabetic plant research.
  • Holding of ANRAP Regional Workshop on Chemical Studies and Bioassay of antidiabetic plant materials (Participants will be from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Malayasia and Mauritius)
  • Initiation meeting for developing a network of herbal medicine (NetHerb)  with representatives  from different participating laboratories.
  • Evaluation of safety and efficacy of some antidiabetic herbal medicine.
  • Evaluation of of some herbal medicine used for other diseases like those of liver,  kidney and heart.
  • Clinical trial of some antidiabetic and other herbal medicine.
  • Animal and human trial of some antidiabetic and other herbal medicine.
  • Arrange exchange of visits of scientists working in the field by arranging National, Regional and International (every 3 years) seminars on antidiabetic plants & herbal medicines and those used for other diseases.